The arrival of a new family member is a miracle which should be a delicate condition for every new mother. We know by experience that future parents have several questions and tend to worry a lot when the pregnant woman notices unusual symptoms. This is exactly why during prenatal care we provide detailed answers for all your questions, also we book immediate appointment for you if an urgent examination is needed.

Which examinations are accessible in our clinic?
We provide full-range prenatal care which includes basic ultrasound, screening and control examinations.

For us the most important is to make the new mother feel safe!
Pregnancy can be relaxed and happy if the new mother feels safe. Our team has several years of experience in prenatal care so they provide all necessary information regarding the examinations, its results and all ocurrent questions or problems.

We are available in urgent cases, too!
An unusual symptom or phenomenon can cause insecurity especially among those who expect their first babies. If you experience anything like this, contact your doctor without hesitation. You can reach our clinic anytime and if needed, we provide an appointment as soon as possible to do a control examination.

We put emphasis on prenatal education as well
Beside the obstetrics specialist an experienced midwife is available in our clinic, if you would like to know more details about the day when you give birth to your child. We understand that the future parents have many questions and doubts especially when the date of birth is approaching therefore during our prenatal education courses we answer all of them.

Services available in our clininc:

  • childbirth preparation
  • basic pregnancy ultrasound during every prenatal care checkup
  • Down syndrome screening test
  • microbiology culture test
  • laboratory tests
  • blood pressure and weight control
  • breastfeeding counselling